Tasmanian flora decorations (set of 6) by Sambatiki

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Designed by Tasmanian illustrator Georgie Pajak, these sustainably made sets of 6 hanging discs are made in Australia from 4.5mm bamboo ply, and are lightweight enough to hang from a small tree. 

Featuring six species native to Tasmania, finely illustrated in beautiful detail and laser etched onto the bamboo surface:
• Deciduous Beech – Nothofagus gunnii
• Tasmanian Blue Gum – Eucalyptus globulus
• Huon Pine – Lagarostrobos franklinii
• King's Holly – Lomatia tasmanica
• Giant Grass Tree – Richea pandanifolia
• Tasmanian Waratah – Telopea truncata

Plastic-free, made from durable bamboo with a natural jute hanging loop.