Moe Moe X Jan Sievers earrings

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Made in Currumbin, Moe Moe earrings are infused with coastal style and sunshine! Sterling silver posts and ear wires set them apart as high-quality statement pieces, crafted in hand-painted acrylic with metal accents. Moe Moe is unique in that the components are reversible – transformable pieces designed for you to seamlessly style from outfit to outfit with ease.

Moe Moe X Jan Sievers

Jen Sievers is a New Zealand artist and author, based in Auckland. She uses acrylic paints with fresh colours and playful brush strokes, infused with soul. Jen has a passion for the abstract, and her style is constantly evolving.

To see more of Jen's work visit her website:


Rainbow arch stud: 1.5cm long x 1.4cm wide

Boomerang / circle stud 2 pack: 2cm wide / stud 1cm wide

Teardrop / circle stud 2 pack: Teardrop 1.8cm wide / stud 1cm wide 

Large organic circle: 6.9cm long including hook x 4cm wide

Avo circle drop: 6.9cm long including hook x 4cm wide

Large bell circles: 4cm long including hook x 5cm wide 

Layered bell hoop: 4cm long including hook x 4cm wide