Luxe Christmas bonbons – Pink cockatoo (box of 8)

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High-quality, low-plastic, handmade bonbons designed to provide maximum enjoyment and fun with minimum impact on our planet. 

Made by Crackers for Bonbons; proudly 100% Australian-owned.

Glam up your holiday table with this stunning pink cockatoo design, featuring 3 charming birds per cracker. This one-of-a-kind design will have your guests talking. Go ahead and add some feathery flair to the party!

Complete with a compostable hessian ribbon for a luxurious, yet natural and eco-friendly, look. Inside? You'll find hats, snaps, dad-like jokes, and eight miniature wooden toys or kitchen utensils and completely plastic-free!
Each bonbon is 32.5cm (13") long