Before the mountain had a name, by Fiona Levings

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Mountains are memories… 

The stories of mountains may be set in stone but they reveal change we can scarcely imagine. Extinctions, volcanos, dinosaurs – we all know they existed but how are ancient worlds and their inhabitants connected to us today? 

Take a journey through deep time, to a place long ago where the bones of kunanyi/Wellington were formed from the remains of a frozen sea.  Not everything that is ancient is lost.

Fiona Levings has created an extraordinary resource for children, parents and teachers – the 300 million-year-old story in the geology of kunanyi/Mt Wellington. On one level it can be read as a simple story. On another level the richly detailed illustrations, timelines of geological periods and the evolution of plants and animals provide a deeper understanding of our continent as it separated from Gondwana to become the land we know today. 


27 x 25 cm