Lula self-warming eye mask

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A warm hug for your eyes and mind. Box of 5 single-use, self-warming masks.

Rest your eyes and mind with Australia’s first self-warming, scented eye masks. When you open a Lula Eye Mask the magical self-warming process begins! 

The Lula Self-Warming Eye Mask is perfect for:

• Dry or tired eyes

• Digital eye strain

• Busy minds

• Migraines or headaches

• Relaxation

• A good night’s sleep

• Meditation

• Travelling

How to use:

• Open a pouch, remove the eye mask and the self-warming process begins.

• Lie back, relax, unfold the mask & place the loops over your ears.

• When the mask’s iron particles meet oxygen in the air it begins to gently warm

up & stays at a comforting temperature for at least 20 relaxing minutes.

help relax, destress and assist with sleep.